Dance Fit Fusion Choreography Week 1 & 2

Classic Adaobi Dance Workout

Allison Hinds West Indian Dance Workout

A Star Balaya Dance Workout

Tekno Enjoy Afrobeat Dance Workout

Course/challenge prize entry details

There are two ways to do the Dance fit Fusion course/challenge:

  1. (Individual) Purchase and do on your own time.
  2. (Group) Purchase and start with a group, following prize entry requirements to win a prize. Group challenge starts July 10th.

Top 3 With the best results and that have committed to Live Zoom class meetings and post in the facebook group receive a Prize.

How to enter to win a prize for the Dance Fit Fusion Challenge:

  1. Must take Before and After pictures and set a realistic goal for the 28-day duration and submit your goal weight/ goal measurements, current weight and current measurements to Photo Angles: Front, Back, and Side. Please use good lighting. The before photo must be sent the first week of the challenge official start date and after picture must be sent on completion of the challenge.
  2. Join the Facebook accountability group, posting at least once a week. You can share how you feel. What your favorite workout was. Any challenges?
  3. Winner must be ok with sharing before and after photos (Face can be blurred)